Friday, May 31, 2013

Road trips to Michigan are the best.

Over memorial Day we took advantage 
of the 3 day weekend and drove to Michigan
to see the Bowers crew and celebrate Kara's graduation. 
I really did hit the jackpot when it comes to 
both Anthony and his family. 

A short hour after arriving, 
I couldn't shake the feeling 
of wanting to drop everything 
and move back to the Midwest. 
With views like this, can you blame me? 

Like all other weekend recaps, 
here are a bunch of pics from our trip! 

Mornings are the best. 

Any time I went outside without the pup, 
he patiently waited by the door 
hoping to join the in the fun. 

Everyone thinks their nieces and nephews 
are the cutest kids ever....
but between my brother, Joel and Jamey? 
We win. 

Norah has recently picked up the phrase
"Hello Guv-nah!"
from a favorite cartoon.  

Hearing a two year old say this in a perfect British accent 
is hands down one of the funniest things I've ever heard. 

Two more reasons why my hubs is the best. 

Oh Upland, I sure did miss you. 

I think the lake it Jax's happy place too. 

Exhibit A: 
Being outside without a leash.

Exhibit B:
Opportunities around every corner.

And speaking of dogs...

Finally, a hot dog on the hot dog blog! 
(ps, this might be my favorite lunch ever)

And on the subject of favorites, 
these are three of mine. 

3 days and two hair washes after being home, 
my hair still smelled of campfires and lake. 

Couldn't be more blessed. 

Oh Michigan, 
I miss you already.

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