Thursday, October 13, 2011

Just a little story about a girl who decided to run a marathon - Part 1

I never planned on running a marathon.
It wasn't anywhere near any "bucket list" of mine. 
(nor did I think I could run 26.2 miles without dying)

Rewind back to February.

Husband: We should do the marathon this year. 

Easily-convinced-to-do-crazy-things-Wife: Marathon? Really? 

Husband: Yeah, let's do it. 

In my defense, it also looked like this outside and I was stir crazy.

And so...I said yes. 

Here I am 8 months later.
How on Earth did I do it, you might ask? 

I started with Hal Hidgon's book and Novice 1 training guide
I got advice from anyone who would talk to me about running. 
I ran over 300 miles (but at most only 4 days a week!).
I did Bikram Yoga to stretch out sore legs. 
I downloaded new podcasts each week. 
I ingested at least 50 packets of GU Energy.
I drank a lot of 5 hour energy. 

I iced. 
I cried. 
I limped.
I got hives*.
I complained.
I cried some more. 

I lost weight. 
I slept better. 
I felt much happier. 
I looked forward to running.
I got in the best shape of my life. 

I ran in memory of my grandma Carole. 

I raised over $800 for the ALS Assoication. 

And then suddenly, it was the night before the race. 

Race Day post coming soon!

*Do not buy off-brand 5 Hour Energy at Aldi. 

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