Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Post Marathon Blues

 I miss training. 
Just sayin. 
Running is more of a choice now instead of something I must do,
which feels awesome when I get out there and run....
but I'm not good with choices.

Hands down, I'll always choose sleep, beers, foods over running. 
Anyone want to sign up for a race with me? Yay!

Also, big thanks to my mom for indulging in my crazy 
and taking this picture of me last weekend. 

I had always wanted a picture of me running like this one
and there are so many beautiful places to run in Posey County.

I may have asked for 5 (or 10) location changes. 

At least I didn't change outfits. :-)

1 comment:

Lora said...

Let's get a team together and do that race in gnaw bone! running through the woods + pig roast and beer = potential for the best weekend ever.