Sunday, April 21, 2013

Put a little Spring in your step!

Unlike chilly Chicago, 
Spring actually comes in April in Philly...
which is super awesome. 

Everyone (myself included) is noticeably happier. 
Here are some springtime pics of our hood. 


There are cherry blossoms around every corner.
Having never spent a spring 
in a city where these bloom,
I have to admit, 
I'm super enchanted.  

This giant beer has nothing to do with Spring...
I'm just happy I found a Happy Hour
with $5 Dos Equis Amber...
and friends to enjoy it with on Friday nights :-)  

Spring also means garden parties. 
Zack is a grill master. 

So good. 

We've also had one of those super hot days.
(86 degrees to be exact)

Which lead to strawberry DQ soft serve. 

Springtime selfie with the pup. 

Not having a porch means 
repotting plants in the living room...
very very carefully, 
I might add. 

Nice addition of JDog doing stretches on the sidelines too. 

New fav diner! 

 I mean really?!
How kickass is that sign...
and the dessert case? 

Anywhere with a case of desserts
gets my vote. 

Rewatching the Hunger Games
lead to rereading Catching Fire this weekend.  

Jax was not a happy camper,
as he too knew Spring meant more outside time.

And last but not least, 
Anthony has final crits soon...

seemed like the best medicine
to help him make it through the upcoming week. 

Now he'd better hurry up & come home
before I eat 2 dozen cookies. 

How about you? 
How's spring shaping up? 

For my friends in Chicago 
with snow on the ground...
come visit! 
I'll save you some cookies!

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