Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I was born in a small town....

Scenes from the weekend home! 

10 min from home and we had to stop for gas. 
Anthony found these gems. 

For those of you not from Southern Indiana, 
Ski is the equivalent of Mountain Dew multiplied by Red Bull. 
Otherwise known as not something you drink at 10pm. 

I couldn't get enough of my niece Ellyson! 
What a sweet baby! 

I just wish we lived closer :-( 

Poppies at my grandparent's house. 

And my grandpa quickly cutting it open 
to see what opiates look like.

Not pictured....
Us checking out a dead snake in a hay stack, 
my grandpa telling us that the electric fence was off....
him touching it. 

Anthony and I both grabbing it and getting shocked. 


We realized the boysenberries were ripe! 

And for some reason, 
the grass must taste better in Posey County.
Jax grazes like a cow until we pull him away. 

And then he voms. 
It's grosser than gross. 

The old IU scoreboard has found a new home at North Posey! 

 We went out Sun morning to see it 
and then we ran around the track. 
It was maybe the silliest thing I've done in a while. 
And hard. 
I forgot how bad sprints hurt. 

Sunday night Julia, Joel and I had a hot dogger party!

What a great weekend! 

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