Tuesday, November 29, 2011

It's a....family tradition.

I had been looking forward to Thanksgiving since August. 

There's not much better than
turoni's pizza, 
shooting guns, 
shooting hot damn, 
eating venison salami,  
$3.20 Gerst Haus draft fishbowls.....

all with your family. 

Here are some pics from the weekend! 

Not being home for Thanksgiving for the past 2 years 
ruined my marksman skills. 
Maybe I can blame it on the 60 year old shotgun? 

Anthony and my Grandpa Dale

The Venison Salami is always the first thing to be gone. 
This dish was full at 11am. 
This picture was taken at 11:20. 

Dad and I. 
And yes, my uncles made fun of my new giant glasses :-) 

I've always loved myself a delicious fishbowl of Gerst Haus beer. 
But when we got the bill and saw that it was only $3.20?! 
We definitely stopped back in the next night. 

My Grandpa Bob in his shop with my brother. 
Of course he knows how to sharpen chainsaw blades. 
My family members never cease to amaze me. 

Finally, J.Dog. 
Who, you might notice looks distraught....and for good reason. 
Sneaking 3 pieces of uncooked bacon from the counter? 
Makes for a long, uncomfortable drive home. 
Poor guy. 

And yes, we definitely bought back a box of Grippos and a case of Busch Light. 
Some things never change. :-) 

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American in Bath said...

Glad to see Dale looking so well. And um, I'm totally with your uncles on the glasses front:)