Saturday, September 3, 2011

A letter of warning....

Dearest Kim:

I know you think you're cool 
talking about food all of the time and how much you run. 
Eating pizza and drinking beer for dinner 
3 days in a row before an 18 mile run? 
No sweat because you're tough, right? 

Well, if you think I'm going to carry you 26.2 miles
with such a carefree "I can do anything" attitude, 
you're mistaken sister. 

The 30 year-old body you think 
is going to carry you across the finish line in 5 weeks. 

Yep, looks like it's time I get my act together. 
I've been all loosie-goosie about this marathon, 
and today was brutal

For now though, it's nap time. 

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