Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Sweet and Sassy Hotdog....

So, I had heard a lot about America's Dog from my coworkers.

I mean, it's called America's Dog
and their bag boasts that they were voted "Best Hot Dog in Chicago".


I've heard this claim before.....

The cool things about America's Dog
is that they specialize in 'dogs' from across the country.

Not trying to deviate from the basic "Chicago Dog",
I got the San Fran, which basically is a Chicago + Chilli.*

*in my book = AWESOME

Enter in my two Sweet and Sassy friends,
Angie and Ashley
who were also pretty stoked about their doggie dogs.

All in All, I give America's Dog an A+

1. They deliver

2. That order of fries/cheese/buffalo sauce? Only 2.50
(If you know me, you know I LOVE buffalo sauce)

3. They have punch cards for trying 18 of the 21 "city dogs"
(anything where the end result is free food and a t-shirt....count me in!)

4. Oh yeah, and the hot dog was DELICIOUS!

America's Dog....we will meet again soon :-)

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Have a Little Faith In Me said...

I love this :)

I also love my brown mustard, relish, and ketchuppy hot dog. Mmmmmm.