Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pretty black and white things....

So the other day I causally noted that since moving to Chicago,
Indianapolis, Evansville, and Bloomington
had all gotten more snow than we had.

"Where's the snow?" I wondered.

It's finally here!

So the best things about snow in Chicago are...

no one freaks out,
driving isn't a hassel,
it's just a normal day,

but with SNOW!

It made me quite happy to frolic around last night....
and yes, for all of you seasoned Chicagoans,
I will probably get over my excitement soon,
but for now,
I'm happy as a clam :-)

And two more pics (and one haiku!) , just for fun....
This is Theresa .
She is a BADASS.
I work with her at the Sass.
Isn't this pretty?

(It's great to be making new friends up here.)

And finally, this is for everyone who knew me in Indy or IU.

I wore this to work last Saturday and rocked it.
Yes, it's a tutu.
Surprised? Yeah, I was too.

Anthony and Kara happened to pick me up after work to grab some sushi....
I didn't have time to change.

So I rocked it some more at dinner.

:-) *kb

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kabowers said...

Hey! I made it to your blog! I feel so important... and by the way, yes your new in-laws ARE awesome!