Saturday, March 14, 2015

Dear Anthony,

After celebrating your birthday for 10 years,
I still can't believe the jackpot I hit when I married you. 

I love how kind & thoughtful you are to others.

I love what a great team we make. 

I love traveling with you and experiences new places. 

I love hanging with you and our nieces and nephews. 
You're going to make such a great dad some day.

I love that I can get history lessons at anytime of day.  
(yes, I did ask for a Hesbola explanation at 7am not too long ago). 

I love that we have a similar silly sense humor. 

I love your gusto. 
Being a working artist is no easy feat
and you're killing it. 

Marriage isn't easy and I'm thankful you're quick to forgive
and willing to work hard for this marriage.  

I feel so proud to call you my partner in crime, 
fellow fort-dweller, wife, and best friend. 
Cheers to the next 10 years! 


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