Sunday, July 13, 2014

Gratitude lately...

So many things to be grateful for. 
I'm working on a big photo dump from our trip to Spain, 
but in the meantime, 
here's a little happy list from life lately. 

1. We moved! 
Yes, it happened in June, 
but we're still just overjoyed to be in our new place. 

More space, lots of light, 
and a front porch the size of Texas. 
(Texas Forever)

Jax doesn't mind either. 
He has officially deemed himself 
head of the Neighborhood Watch. 
Thanks buddy. 

Overall, the whole new 'hood is pretty great too. 
It's just around the corner from our old place, but feels so different. 
Everyone! Get in your cars and come visit! 

I'm serious. 
We miss you. 

2. Double Birthday parties. 
What's better than two bday parties? 

Crawfish boil bday parties! 

Not even downpours could rain on our jazzy parade. 
Luckily it didn't stick around for too long. 

Good friends hold umbrellas over you
so you can make sure your dinner is still crawling. 

Happy bday to two of my favs! 
What a great night with wonderful friends. 

3. (surprise!) Care packages from friends. 
My lovely friend Betsy sent me such a thoughtful gift from Chicago. 
Betsy and I worked together at Threadless, 
became fast friends and running buddies 
and are both training for the Chicago Marathon*** in Oct. 

She sent me a bunch of running goodies and these great shorts! 
Happy new pants dance! 

4. And finally beach days with friends. 
Why did it take me two years to drive to the shore? 

I'll probably go every weekend now. 

Cheers to gratitude and how it turns everything into enough. 

***And if you like stories about running/brewdrinking/pizzaeating/toe-nailing pulling, 
Betsy and some of my favorite ladies are chronicling 
our marathon training adventures in a new blog. 

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