Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Happy Joy Joy!

Hey there long lost blog friends. 
After a cold and dreary winter, 
I'm back with a happy list to top all happy lists. 
(mainly because I have 6 million photos to share). 

But seriously, life has been pretty joyful lately, 
and here's what's been filling my time....

1. Anthony is done with grad school! 

Words can't express how proud of him I am. 
Through this experience, 
we've both grown so much as individuals 
and together in our marriage. 

Although tough at times, 
it was by far the right decision for both of us. 

These two years really flew by! 

2. Art (Future) Prom 

Yes, we went to Prom. 
And it was fantastic. 

Things I learned about the future while at Future Prom: 
a. Silver is the Pantone of the future
b.Teepeeing is still a thing. 

What a silly and great night. 

3. Trips to see friends. 

I don't do this often enough. 
I'm so thankful that Anthony encourages me 
to get outta dodge and go hang with my Indy crew. 

Chicago friends, you're next! 

4. And speaking of trips, 
I can't say enough how nice it is to be so close to NYC. 

A little while ago, 
Anth and I headed there for the day
to see the Whitney Biennial 
While there, we went to the MoMA and I was blown away. 

(Ellsworth Kelly)


4. Philly friends. 
I know this sounds hokey, 
but I love the people we've met here 
and the friendships we've developed.

Maybe the title of this post should have been 
"I love my friends!"

Either way, I totally do. 

 Hopefully for us, many of them
will be sticking around Philly next year...
because we are too! 

5. And finally, last year for my bday, 
Kara got me a Polaroid camera. 
I've slowly been filling our wall with snaps and 
it makes me smile every time I stop to look at it. 

I would encourage everyone to get one! 

Oh, and topping Jax's happy list? 

1. Spring runs! 
Talk about elated. 

2. Clean toys! 

The pup nuzzled these for about 30 min nonstop. 

How about you?
What's filling you with joy today? 

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