Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dream World.

Sunday-after-Church Anthony and Kim conversation: 

"Let's go out for pizza!" (A)
"Really?! You want to go out for pizza?!" (K)

(background: Fav Sunday meal Kim: Pizza, Anthony: Chinese)

"Actually, let's go anywhere you want and celebrate your job!" (A)
"Ummm...Hmm...Anywhere?! Let's go out for pizza!" (K). 

1. He knows me well. 
2. Good grief I love pizza. 

We went to Piece* and he told me to design my dream pizza...

Green Peppers
Hot Gardenia 
Red Onion

Uh-Mazing Pizza. 
Uh-Mazing Husband. 
Lucky lady. 

*Piece was just named National Pizzeria of the Year; so you know I'm not crazy. 

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